10 Most Amazing Fountains in the World


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Every important city on Earth has at least one water fountain as the mark of creativity. Water fountains inspire us with their beauty and power. They are bigger and more and more colorful these days, just to attract a lot of tourists. People go to see them in every city they travel to, but have you ever wondered where are the most beautiful and the most inspiring water fountains in the world? To find out check out our 10 most incredible fountains.

1. Tivoli Fountain, Tivoli (Italy)

Tivoli Fountain, Tivoli (Italy)

Tivoli Fountain, Tivoli (Italy) / image source

Tivoli Fountain is also called Oval Fountain (Fontana dell’Ovato). It’s located in Villa d’Este in Tivoli, and with beautiful gardens it is one of the most popular destinations for one day trip from Rome. The fountain cascades from its oval shaped basin into a stunning pool. The Villa was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

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