10 of the World’s Most Dangerous Beaches


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Who doesn’t love a beach summer vacation? The sun, tropical temperatures, white beaches and a great accommodation. But, there are some beaches out there that are less than idyllic, and at these beaches, relaxation is the last thing on people’s mind.These places are not sandy paradises. However, many tourists like to visit spots that are untraveled, mysterious, beautiful and even dangerous. Whether due to pollution or dangerous animals, several of the world’s beaches are not the vacation destinations they seem like. It’s better for you to mark these 10 most dangerous beaches off your list of holiday destinations!

1. Northern Australian Coast, Australia

Northern Australian Coast, Australia

Northern Australian Coast, Australia / image source

This coastline is mostly popular for the existence of the unique species that reside on this coast. Shark attacks are the most known beach predators, but on many Australian beaches, the worst are small deadly jellyfish creatures. These toxic creatures take over beaches in Northern Australia, and in the last 100 years statistics say that around 60 people have died after an encounter with jellyfish.

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