10 Weirdest Bars From Around the World


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In the search for weirdest travelling experiences, travelers are going to the ends of the world to find the most eccentric and exciting activities. If you love unusual bars, then you’ve probably visited them a once in a while, and you might want to try one of these. Here are our list of the world’s oddest and most strange bars that will leave you thirsty for more.

1. Clarke Quay Clinic Bar, Singapore

Clarke Quay Clinic Bar, Singapore

Clarke Quay Clinic Bar, Singapore/ image source

This is a hospital-themed Clinic Bar located in the shopping and entertainment district, Clarke Quay in Singapore. It is designed by the artist Damien Hirst. The pill shaped rooms are designed to give a drug ‘trip’ effect. Guests can sit in wheelchairs, lie on hospital beds with white curtains and drink from test tubes and IV bags.

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