Europe’s Top Magnificent Cities


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Europe is consisted of so many vibrant and beautiful cities. If you are seeking for a romantic and all around travel experience, going Europe is a perfect getaway. There is something magical about Europe and its enchanting cities. It is a diversity and mixture of the old and modern traditions. It is advanced yet so historical. Let’s check out the top and most visited cities of Europe.


France is proud to have this magnificent city; the one known as the “city of love” or sometimes, the “city of lights.” Paris seems to be always a good idea. There is something magical about this city. Paris is a perfect getaway especially for lovers. It is one of the most romantic cities in the world. There are so many beautiful spots to look forward to in Paris. First on the list is the famous Eiffel tower. Paris has been known for this for quite a time now. There is also the Louvre, the most visited museum in the world. Paris also has the Notre Dame de Paris. A trip to Paris will never be complete without visiting this serene Notre Dame cathedral.

Eiffel Tower Paris, France

Eiffel Tower Paris, France / image source

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