Meals That Are Worth The Journey (Must Try Delicacies of the World)


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Travelling the world is a very exciting adventure. It comes with many surprises and fun activities. We get a touch of something new, something not tried before. That’s the fulfillment that comes with the journey that makes it incredible. However, travelling will never be complete without trying that destination’s best cuisine. Of course, that’s a must. Travelling and wanderlust is a package. You need to have a glimpse of everything to have a perfect experience. Let’s check out these food specialties, countries are noted for.


In Argentina, you must visit an ice cream parlor or what they call a heladerías. The tastiest ice cream is certainly found here. They have various unique and extraordinary flavors to choose from. The flavors are not the usual you see in the typical market selling ice cream. Say for example, have you heard of kumquats in whiskey flavored ice cream? How about banana de leche or malbec-flavored ice cream? Unusual, aren’t they? That’s what makes it more interesting!

Argentina Food

Argentina / image source

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