Most Attended Festivals of the World


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This world, as we all know it is diversity of culture, beliefs and traditions. Every year there are various celebrations and feasts from different countries, all throughout the world. There are a lot of happenings, gatherings and rituals performed to commemorate all of this treats. Here are the probably most celebrated events from around the globe.

Holi, India

It is a festival in India celebrated every spring. This celebration is noted as the festival of love and the festival of colors. Though this is a timeworn Hindu religious celebration, many tourists from different countries especially those from the South East Asia are going to India to celebrate this feast. They start Holi with a bonfire with people singing and dancing the night before the actual celebration. On the day, the people are having so called free for all carnival that includes throwing of color powders to each other, chasing and water fight where people get untidy and dirty while enjoying it.


Holi, India / image source

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