Top National Park Cottages in North America

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Most countries have their own pride of beautiful spots and sceneries. Of course, national parks will never be out of the list. Most people when travelling always pay a visit to these national parks. It somehow makes the whole package complete. These national parks come with great lodges where visitors and tourists can stay. Come and see the greatness in these cottages and their amenities.

Alpine Rejuvenation in Montana

In the U.S state of Montana, there situated the Glacier National Park. It is the biggest and the most unscathed ecosystem in North America. It is located at the border of Canada and United States. The Many Glacier Hotel is the gorgeous lodge to stay in this national park. The most famous activity especially to the tourist is the evening glacier tours. The hotel’s windows are opening to the beautiful Swiftcurrent Lake that gives a dramatic and tranquil view. The hotel is also surrounded with Rocky Mountains. You can also take the ferry ride to cross the lake. This experience will certainly soothe your soul.

Alpine Rejuvenation in Montana

Alpine Rejuvenation in Montana / image source

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